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Bike World Maintenance Classes

Free Minor Repair Classes

Come and learn basic bicycle flat repair skills. These are the essential skills you will need out there on the road. You can always ask for help, but its nice to be able to take care of yourself. Bring your bike and learn how to change your own flat tire!

Alamo Heights Location:

First Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm.
Contact Mike Beatty at for additional information

Bicycle Maintenance Class

Periodically, Bike World offers a hands on bicycle tune up course that takes place over one evening. Typically, these classes run from 7:30pm to 10:00pm. Each course is $120 and with each, you will learn many different skills when it comes to bicycle maintenance. 

Call our shop at Alamo Heights (210-828-5558) or email Mike Beatty ( for additional information. As always, check out our Facebook page for more information and scheduling!

You will learn to clean, inspect, evaluate, and adjust your bicycle.
You will remove, clean, inspect and reinstall the chain.
You will clean your derailleurs front and rear on the bike.
You will inspect and adjust the headset area of the bike
You will inspect and adjust the bottom bracket (crank arm area).
You will remove and replace both the brake and derailleur cables and housing.
You will inspect clean and adjust the front and rear brakes.
You will clean the outer surface, inspect and adjust the bearings in the frt and rear hubs,
You will inspect wheels for lateral trueness and adjust to allowable standard.
You will assemble the chain back on the bike and provide the full range of adjustments
You will relube all the moving parts and pivots points of the bicycle.

--This course includes all shop supplies, rags, cleaner, degreaser, lube and grease.
-----2 Derailleur cables
-----2 Brake cables (road or mtn)
-----5 feet derailleur housing (if needed)
-----5 feet brake housing (as needed)

Additional parts, tools, and reference material are availabe at 15% discount off retail

Bicycle Overhaul Class

This course is no joke! If you are interested in learning all of the in's and out's of a bicycle, this course is for you! Offered quarterly, this course enables you to learn to take apart, rebuild, and adjust everything on your bike, from the frame up.

The course fee is $389 + tax and includes: 

- a tool kit with bike specific tools from xlc 33 piece tool kit, allen keys, BB tools, cone wrenches, chain tool
- Park Big Blue Book of Bike Repair
- a new chain
- a full set of cables, brake, derailleur, and cable housing
- cable housing ferrules and tips
 -shop supplies and grease

This class is limited to four students and the first students who register and have paid, get the class slots.
Since these classes fill up rather quickly, don't forget to follow us on Facebook and check out our next class offerings! You can also contact Mike Beatty ( for more information on class schedules! 


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